Staying Safe

I hope all are well. I just found out that the Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival has been cancelled. This after the New England Folk Festival cancellation. The Shanteyman will be staying below decks until this storm passes by. And I hope that all do the same. In the meantime there are some great songs out there on social media and video sites. If I may be so bold check out my song “Fire in the Hold” at YouTube Stay safe!

Heading to Bristol

I’ll set sail for Colt Andrews Elementary School in Bristol on Thursday, May 30. There is nothing like sharing Music of the Sea with young folks. We’ll work a capstan, use a model brake windlass and haul on a block-and-tackle while we sing the shanties that set the pace. Smooth sailing until then! If you and your school are interested in a (fun) interdisciplinary assembly send us an email.

Hearty Singing at Hathaway!

Thanks to the teachers, staff and students at Hathaway Elementary School for hosting The Shanteyman this past Thursday. The kids were great and the teachers made up a wonderful fufu band! Thanks to Up With School Arts who sponsored the vist!!

Schools and Libraries – Booking “Music of the Sea” for the Spring and Summer!

Why not have a fun yet educational assembly for your students? Study of simple machines are part of the Common Core and will be covered in the RICASĀ  so let’s haul away!

OR – Treat your library patrons to an fun and informative presentation here in the Ocean State (or the Bay State or the Nutmeg State!)

The Shanteyman will come to your school or library and share “Music of the Sea” while bringing along working models of:

  • Capstan (pictured)
  • Pump/windlass
  • Block-and-tackle

As well as guitar, Anglo concertina, harmonica, jaw’s harp and spoons!

Your students will learn about simple machines by singing sea shanties (work songs.)

The Shanteyman (B.J. Whitehouse) is a veteran K-8 music teacher (33 years in the classroom) as well as a former member of the Mystic Seaport Demonstration Squad.

Whether you want an assembly or music class integration The Shanteyman is ready to share the “Music of the Sea” with your students and/or patrons. Contact The Shanteyman.

Wonderful Singers in Saunderstown

Thanks to Kathy and the crew at Willett Free Library in Saunderstown. Lots of singers showed up and the three R’s = Riley, Ruby and Rory were stunning on the black-and-tackle. I hope to share my Music of the Sea with folks around the Ocean State in the weeks to come. Libraries, indeed, ROCK!

Saunderstown and beyond

I have had a great summer visiting libraries all over the state. Barrington Public Library is beautiful and the staff was very helpful. So, it’s on to our friends at the Willett Library in Saunderstown on August 16 at 4PM. (Saunderstotwn in part of North Kingstown.)

And beyond-if you would like to share The Music Of the Sea with your patrons, students or civic organization please contact me, The Shanteyman, at thisĀ email address.

On to Barrington!

I’ll be at the Barrington Public Library tomorrow (Monday, 8/6) at 6PM for another round of “Music of the Sea.” I hope to see you there. Be ready to take a trick at the pump or turn the capstan!

Thanks to the folks in Burrillville at the Pascoag Library. Beautiful library. And, yes indeed, libraries rock!


“Oh, Cape Cod girls ain’t got no combs, heave away! Haul away!”

West Warwick and Pascoag

I set sail for West Warwick on Tuesday (tomorrow, 7/31) at 7PM and then on to Pascoag Library in Burrillville at 11AM on Thursday. I have been all over the state in large libraries and not-so-large libraries but one thing is consistent: the librarians I’ve worked with LOVE what they do!! Libraries, indeed, do ROCK!

All Over Rhode Island

Coventry today. Westerly on Thursday. Providence (Rochambeau) on Saturday. I am having the best time travelling around the Ocean State. I have visited fourteen libraries and a church so far this summer. It’s off to West Warwick and Pascoag next week. Great people and FANTASTIC libraries!! Libraries, indeed, rock!!