About The Shanteyman

The Shanteyman will come to your school and present a program of music, poetry and stories of the sea. The program is geared toward elementary and middle school-aged children and is highly participatory. Students will play in a ‘fufu’ band, an improvisational group of players on pots and pans! Or, they will use a light block-and-tackle in a fun tug-of-war to experience the mechanical advantage of simple machines.

The music of the sea is as wide as the Atlantic and as deep as the ocean. Aside from shanties, sailors sang forebitters, which were ballads or popular songs of the day. Stephen Foster of “The Camptown Races” and “Hard Times Come Again No More” was a particular favorite of the men on board.

It’s difficult to capture the tedium and danger that 19th century sailors faced on a daily basis. “One hand for the ship and one hand for yourself” was an inviolable rule. It meant to hang on to the railings or rigging at all times but have the other hand to work the ship.

The Shanteyman will come to your school with a multi-media presentation to inspire and entertain your students. Your students will learn more about simple machines and the mechanical advantage they provided for sailors before the advent of powered machinery.

Email The Shanteyman for more information about pricing and availability.

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