Schools and Libraries – Booking “Music of the Sea” for the Spring and Summer!

Why not have a fun yet educational assembly for your students? Study of simple machines are part of the Common Core and will be covered in the RICAS  so let’s haul away!

OR – Treat your library patrons to an fun and informative presentation here in the Ocean State (or the Bay State or the Nutmeg State!)

The Shanteyman will come to your school or library and share “Music of the Sea” while bringing along working models of:

  • Capstan (pictured)
  • Pump/windlass
  • Block-and-tackle

As well as guitar, Anglo concertina, harmonica, jaw’s harp and spoons!

Your students will learn about simple machines by singing sea shanties (work songs.)

The Shanteyman (B.J. Whitehouse) is a veteran K-8 music teacher (33 years in the classroom) as well as a former member of the Mystic Seaport Demonstration Squad.

Whether you want an assembly or music class integration The Shanteyman is ready to share the “Music of the Sea” with your students and/or patrons. Contact The Shanteyman.

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