Shanteyman and the Common Core

block and tackle

The Shanteyman uses simple machines to illustrate how sea shanties actually worked aboard ship. Levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, wheel-and-axles and screws are all a part of ship-board life. A well-known shantey “Cape Cod Girls” was used at the pumps or the windlass to keep a steady beat (and to help relieve the tedious tasks) as the sailors did their work. Gangways are forms of inclined planes and pulleys are all over sailing vessels to help raise and lower sails. The well-know tune “Shenandoah” was used at the capstan to raise the anchor or other heavy work.

In addition, the use of heritage folk music and poetry aligns with ELA Common Core standards as well as the NAfME national musical standards. The Shanteyman will present a few poems of the sea and teach your students the lyrics of many of the shanties.

Your students will learn and reinforce material through and fun and interactive presentation as they learn about the heritage of sea music. And, here in Southeastern New England, what could make more sense!?

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