Trip to Woonsocket

I had a great time with the 3-5 graders at Globe Park Elementary School in Woonsocket yesterday. The kids made up a fantastic ‘crew’ that sang, hauled on a block and tackle, raced to “John Kanaka” and played in a fufu band! The teachers joined in as well. Thanks to the staff and students at Globe Park Elementary School for making me feel so welcome!IMG_2445

More Shanties!

For your listening enjoyment!

Cape Cod Girls – a pump or windlass shantey

John Kanaka –  a halyard shantey

Sally Rackett – a short haul shantey

Sacramento – a windlass or capstan shantey

Johnny Come Down to Hilo – capstan shantey

Over the Futtock Shrouds

 I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great folks at Mystic Seaport. But there is nothing like working aloft with them!  In the video I climb the shrouds to the ‘top,’ the platform  on the mast. But before we climb out on the yard, we have to climb over the futtock shrouds, where we are, temporarily, sort-of-up-side-down! You can see that we ‘clip in’ using a safety harness at this point until we reach the top. Some the ‘squaddies’ are already out on the yard.